About us

Did you know that K’NEX was invented in the United States in 1993? And that it is still manufactured in the United States today?

Cool, right!

Our mission

Our goal is to share our love for K’NEX with everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old because everyone can enjoy K’NEX if you are open to creativity, want to relax or just have fun building the amazing structures.

On All About K’NEX we share information about all existing building sets and those that have been released in the past.

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What we offer

We provide a fully informative platform where you can find out everything about K’NEX. It can’t be crazy enough or you can make it with K’NEX. We believe in everyone’s creativity and are happy to share it on our website.

How we operate

We buy the K’NEX sets ourselves so that we can build them extensively. We share our experience through various reviews so that you can decide for yourself whether they are worth it.

We try to translate our experience into high quality content so that you are informed in the right way.

How we earn

In order to keep writing content and to be able to buy new K’NEX sets, we earn money from this website. Several links on our website contain affiliate links. If you then purchase a product through the link, All About K’NEX will receive a small commission. It is good to know that you never pay more yourself than if you bought something immediately. So you never pay too much!

When we review a specific K’NEX set, we always indicate if this K’NEX set is sponsored.

Our team

Curious who is behind All About K’NEX? Meet our wonderful team of writers and engineers who make our website possible.

Liam Walsh

Liam is a dedicated and experienced content writer and is the beating heart of All About K’NEX. Born in 1990, he played with K’NEX in his early years. After moving, he encountered his K’NEX sets again and began to relive his youth.

From this passion he started All About K’NEX and has not let go since then.

Favorite K’NEX set: Giant Ferris Wheel

K’NEX hot take: never to old to have fun

Email: Liam-Walsh@gmail.com

Kenneth Pierson

Kenneth Pierson

Kenneth is our SEO and website specialist. He discovered K’NEX alongside his passion for LEGO. Kenneth ensures that the website runs smoothly and provides an optimal visitor experience for all K’NEX lovers.

Favorite K’NEX set: K’NEX Cyber-X C10 Crossover Legacy

K’NEX hot take: connect to build together

Email: K.Pierson@gmail.com

Lucy Jackson

Lucy is mainly busy traveling around the world but when she is at home she likes to relax by playing with K’NEX. Lucy is one of our content writers and likes to get creative with K’NEX.

Favorite K’NEX set: K’NEX Architecture – Empire State Building

K’NEX hot take: connect to build together

Innovate, Construct, Play: K’NEX is the Way!

Email: LucyJackson1988@gmail.com

Lucy Jackson

We hope you can find what you are looking for on our website. Do you have any questions? Then you can send us a message via the contact page!

Kind regards,
The All About K’NEX Team