If you are looking for hours of fun and imaginative playtime with toy guns that are safe and enjoyable, don’t delay and get started building with K’NEX now.

Building a gun out of K’NEX can be an enjoyable and creative activity for kids and adults alike. Playing with K’NEX guns allows kids to experiment with different roles and engage their imaginations. From colorful snap-fit connectors, flexible rods, and other pieces, you can build them in a range of styles, including a gun with mag, machine gun, pistol, and blaster. Using rubber bands or springs, you can shoot K’NEX projectiles into the air. Make your designs more realistic by adding reloading mechanisms, triggers, barrels, and barrels that move.

Prepare for your next battle as in this article, you will discover 5 easy K’NEX gun ideas to try out building by yourself. 

Explore 5 easy K’NEX gun ideas to build at home

You’ll find something for everyone, regardless of your experience, skills, or age with K’NEX toys! From our list below, you will find complete parts lists and assembly instructions for some of the simplest to more complex gun models to build. Build using your own parts or buy new or used parts online.

So, collect all the pieces, follow the instructions, and immerse yourself in endless creative play.

See 5 cool gun DIY models we’ve listed below:

1. Easy K’NEX Gun

To help you get started and make your building process easier, our list starts with a very easy design. When it’s built with righ elastic bands K’NEX gun works powerfully and shoots rods. You can actually push down the trigger to shoot white rods and get into real battle experience. But, to pass all the steps for building a barrel, pin, handle, and firing mechanism, make sure you have all the pieces together as follows:

  • 1 –  orange connector
  • 12 – small green rods
  • 16 – white connectors
  • 21 – red connectors
  • 12 – yellow connectors
  • 2 – yellow rods
  • 3 – grey rods

Take a look at the full instruction with pictures here

2. The Storm 22 K’NEX Pistol

This is a pistol that comes with an optional sling for easy access and storage for K’NEX wars and for fun. It features an internal hopper, true trigger, and comfy handle. Also, 6 shots with hopper, have easy access/storage, with 1 hand-able pickup.

Gather all the necessary pieces to get started:


  • 60 – green 
  • 42 – white 
  • 5 – blue 
  • 3 – yellow
  • 1 – gray 
  • 1 – black 


  • 15 – dark gray 
  • 12 – orange
  • 2 – gray 
  • 8 – red 
  • 6 – green
  • 16 – yellow 
  • 4 – white 
  • 22 – blue


  • 9 – tan clips
  • 2 – gray spacers
  • 1 – blue clip

Read on complete instructions here

3. K’NEX “Gremlin” Pistol V1.0

K’NEX pistols like this one are pretty simple DIY models that perform well. Some of its advantages include epic sights, a comfortable handle, its visuals. Once it’s completed the pistol shoots in a good range of 40-50 feet (1 rubberband), and the mech runs without rubber bands. To begin with, you will need all the necessary components. Here is the part list you need to build your simple gun:


  • 32 – Yellow 
  • 9 – Green
  • 9 – Red
  • 4 – White
  • 6 – Light Gray 
  • 11 – Dark Gray
  • 27 – Orange


  • 110 – Green
  • 22 – White
  • 7 – Blue 
  • 1 – Black (Gray)


  • 6 – Blue 
  • 1 – Gray


  • 2 – Blue Clip
  • 4 – Tan Clip
  • 20 – Y-Connector 
  • 1 – Ball Joint 
  • 1 – Gear

Cut Pieces:

1/2 green rod – 4+1 optional

Follow step-by-step instructions to complete the building

4. K’NEX Gun: Peacekeeper

If you are already familiar with how to build easy K’NEX guns and want to challenge yourself with more complex designs, try out this one. This DIY gun features a quick-removing red dot sight, nice sights, a large mag capacity, a long pin pull mechanism for shooting, and a good range. The model is easy to build and very accurate. Get started with piece count:


  • 278 – Green rods
  • 103 – White rods
  • 19 – Blue rods
  • 2 – Yellow rods
  • 1 – Red rod
  • 1 – 2.6cm cut rod
  • 11 – 3.4cm cut rods
  • 8 – 1.8cm cut rods


  • 42 – White connectors
  • 6 – 3D blue connectors
  • 112 – Yellow connectors
  • 7 – Green connectors
  • 57 – Red connectors
  • 10 – Grey, two way connectors
  • 43 – Orange connectors
  • 29 – Purple/ grey connectors
  • 4 – 3D grey connectors
  • 4 Yellow race track connectors


  • 10 – Tan clips
  • 8 – Blue clips
  • 13 – Y clips
  • 1 – Female socket
  • 2 – Blue hinges
  • 2 – Black hinges
  • 28 – Blue spacers
  • 4 – Grey spacers
  • 20 – Black caps
  • 14 – Ends of cut white rods, these are optional.

Finish your homemade project by using the complete instructions here

5. K’NEX – PM-63 RAK

K’NEX – PM-63 RAK model is easy to build and features a comfortable handgrip, includes the hinged hand grip at the front, has good iron sights, and looks very realistic. However, keep in mind that this is just a design and does not shoot rods or rubberbands. Still, like any other gun design from the list,  PM-63 RAK is great for role-playing and fun activities for every K’NEX enthusiast. 

To build this homemade K’NEX gun model, here is the parts list you will need:

  • 163 – Green Rods
  • 53 – White Rods 
  • 17 – Blue Rods
  • 11 – Green Connectors
  • 11 – White Connectors 
  • 9 – Blue Connectors 
  • 72- Yellow Connectors 
  • 25 – Red Connectors 
  • 2 – Light Grey Connectors 
  • 24- Dark Grey Connectors 
  • 3 – Orange Connectors 
  • 5 – Tan Connectors 
  • 8 – Y Shape Black Connectors
  • 1 – Blue 52mm Flexy Rod 
  • 1 – White Rod (cut) 
  • 1 – 1.9cm cut Rods
  • 1 – Rubber Bands 

Follow full instructions to complete  PM-63 RAK gun 

FAQs about K’NEX guns

Whether you are a beginner builder, or  an experienced K’NEX enthusiast looking for inspiration here are some common questions about K’NEX and its guns:

Are there any available K’NEX Guns I can buy?

Aside from the homemade K’NEX gun ideas we displayed, you can find K’NEX boxed sets like, Cyber-X Collection available on Amazon. This is a great alternative to K’NEX guns and offers an easy out-of-the-box solution. Cyber-X consists of safe foam darts, exciting features, parts, and pieces. With this dart blaster collection, you’ll have ultimate control of the battlefield while designing, constructing, and customizing your blaster!

How safe are K’NEX gun toys?

The best thing about K’NEX guns is that you can rest assured that they are completely safe for your children. The materials used in the production of these products are non-toxic and durable at the same time.

Is K’NEX suitable for all ages?

Both children and adults can enjoy K’NEX. With endless possibilities, the building system is an engaging and fun activity for all ages. When it comes to K’NEX guns, age recommendation starts at 7 years old. Nonetheless, younger kids can enjoy the toys with adult supervision in this case.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out another easy K’NEX gun ideas to further your knowledge and skills with building toys. If you want to shop for sets, see our updated available set list.

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