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What is K’NEX?

K’NEX is a unique and innovative construction toy system that has captured the imaginations of children and adults alike. K’NEX sets are known for their interlocking plastic rods and connectors that allow users to build a vast array of structures, from simple shapes to complex models like roller coasters, cars, and buildings.

Similar to traditional building blocks, K’NEX offers a hands-on and interactive building experience, but what sets it apart is its ability to add motion and functionality to creations. With the inclusion of specialized parts such as gears, wheels, and pulleys, K’NEX like toys enable builders to design dynamic and movable structures.

K’NEX toys come in a wide range of sets, catering to all age groups and skill levels. From starter packs for K’NEX beginners to advanced sets for seasoned builders, there is something for everyone. These versatile toys like K’NEX encourage creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills as users design, build, and modify their creations.

Where to buy K’NEX?

Although many toys stores have some sets of K’NEX, you’ll find the best K’NEX collections online (and some times for a discount like on Black Friday). Amazon is the best online store.

What K’NEX Should you Buy?

K’NEX has an extensive collection that will keep you or your children entertained for years to come.
There are different series and themes that you can try out.
Below you will find all K’NEX building kits sorted by category. So easy!

K’NEX Attractions

With K’NEX Attractions there is a lot to choose from. These are the sets that K’NEX is known for and are sometimes even exclusive to the K’NEX brand. Where else can you experience such fantastic roller coasters or a challenging marble track or Ferris wheel?

K’NEX Sets

K’NEX Sets offer enormous convenience and creativity. Sometimes there are more than 100 models in one box, so you are guaranteed to enjoy such a K’NEX Set for days. Also nice; There is plenty of choice for every age, so which one do you take with you?

K’NEX Architecture

Have you always wanted to build iconic buildings? Or would you like to relive your holiday trip? It is possible with the K’NEX Architecture sets. Recreate the most famous buildings in the world right in your living room!

K’NEX Kids

K’NEX is accessible from the age of 3! There is the K’NEX Kid Series for the littlest ones, but there is still plenty to do afterwards. How about the Education Series to help you learn the basics of physics?
Of course the other series are also great fun for children, but these 2 series are especially for the little ones and for learning.

And there is so much more!

There are so many other series and categories that you can get inspiration from. How about all the vehicles? Or the special Cyber-X Series with which you can shoot Nerf guns?!

K’NEX models and designs

K’NEX offers different K’NEX models en K’NEX designs for kids and adults. Find out the best K’NEX set for you. What are you building K’NEXt?

Best K’NEX models and designs for adults

K'NEX Thrill Rides 6-Foot Ferris Wheel

This Giant K’NEX Ferris Wheel guarantees many hours of fun. Read more about all K’NEX Ferris wheels.

K'NEX Marble Run with Motor model 1

A K’NEX Marble Run combines fun, engineering and creativity for everyone! Read here for details.

K'NEX Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster

K’NEX has a huge collection of roller coasters for young people and adults. You can view them here.

Best K’NEX models and designs for (little) kids

Kid K'NEX Farmin' Friends Building Set Examples

With chunky parts, the Kid K’NEX collection is great for kids 3+ aged. View the collection here.

K'NEX Thrill Rides 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set

The K’NEX Swing ride collections holds more than just Swing Rides. A whole Amusement Park! View the collections right here.

K'NEX Cyber-X C10 Crossover Legacy with Motor

The K’NEX Cyber-X collections combines building inside and playing with it outside. Guarantees hours of fun! You can view them here.

Still need more inspiration?

You will find more than enough inspiration in our blog. Find your K’NEX Questions answered and, DIY projects and Instructions of known projects.

What is the history of K’NEX ?

The history of K’NEX is a fascinating journey that began with the creative mind of Joel Glickman. In the early 1990s, inspired by the joy of simple building blocks, Joel envisioned a construction toy that could offer more excitement and interactivity. And so, K’NEX was born.

The name “K’NEX” is derived from the word “connects,” which perfectly describes the essence of these toys.

By 2011 K’NEX sets where sold in over 25 countries worldwide, including the United States.

In 2018 K’NEX was purchased by Basic Fun!, a company in Florida.


Where are K’NEX made today?

K’NEX is a proud American company. Allmost every K’NEX building set is manufactured in the United States by K’NEX Industries Inc. in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.