25 K’NEX designs to get you started

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If you love building and constructing but don’t know where to start, here we will guide you through K’NEX designs. K’NEX offers some of the best building toys that can be both fun and educational for you.

Unlock the world of K’NEX building and learning

If you’ve not come across it before, K’NEX is a construction toy consisting of interlocking pieces, including connectors, spacers, rods, gears, wheels, and other elements, which can be connected to build various structures and models. The wide range of sets cater to a variety of interests and skill levels, including roller coasters, buildings, bridges, towers, robots, and more.

Building K’NEX not only provides entertainment but also supports key areas of a child’s developmental growth. By clicking the different parts together, kids strengthen hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and visual-spatial skills, as well as exercise their imagination. K’NEX toys are designed to encourage creativity, brain development, and an early interest in STEM subjects. 

Whether you are a parent looking to nurture your kid’s creativity, a teacher for a classroom activity, or the youngest in the heart yourself, –  when it comes to incredible building and construction toys, K’NEX is the top choice for the best building experience.

25 easy K’NEX sets and DIY designs to get you started

To this day, K’NEX offers sets from simple to large models to fuel your imagination and develop your skills, and are ready to take you on a journey of creation and fun. They provide a lot of versatility, especially in their range for older children. Moreover, you can find amazing creations that people like K’NEX wizards came up with from different pieces on the Internet. You get your hands on and have unlimited fun by building a variety of models like vehicles, world attractions, animal figures, weapons, or thrill rides. That’s why we dedicate this article to beginner builders or newbie K’NEX enthusiasts like you! To help you get started, we’ve listed some great starter sets and easy DIY projects below. 

1. K’NEX Rad Rides

The first set, is called Rad Rides, and is perfect for budding builders who love vehicles. It comes with over 206 pieces, which you can use to build 12 different models (though not all simultaneously).

This K’NEX Rad Rides Building Set encourages creativity, imagination, and a love of vehicles! With 206 K’NEX pieces, this building toy offers a learning and entertainment experience for children ages 7 and up. Building with K’NEX is as simple as snapping together colorful plastic rods and connectors! Build 12 awesome vehicles, including this one from the picture, using the included parts.

2. K’NEX Car 

From the simple designs you can get started with, this K’NEX car makes the way one of the easiest to build. The car “rear” can be easily clicked in the two black rod/connectors with the open space with the yellow rods. (It will be a little loose and the bottom red connectors will drag and get scratched up.). Take the gear out. Slide the longer yellow rod in. Click in the yellow horizontal rod into the green. This can be done by taking off the four bottom white rods. Place the gear back in. 

3. K’NEX K-Force Battle Bow

Kids will enjoy fun blasting action with the K’nex K-Force battle bow-building set!  

You can create four different blasters and target models using 165 classic pieces. A blaster chamber, quick-fit grip, preload ring, two dart holders, a blaster chamber, and five foam darts will be included in this set. Build any dart blaster or target model you can imagine using the plastic rods and connectors! With this fun and engaging construction set, children are able to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

4. Airplane from K’NEX Beginner 40 Model Building Set

The K’NEX Beginner 40 Model Building Set contains 141 parts and step-by-step building instructions for 40 different models, making it suitable for children aged 5 and up.  Every design in that set, including this one features new parts that allow 5-year-old builders to build on a flat surface, and then connect the flat builds to create a 3D creation using the barbell-shaped rod.

Budding builders can also use the parts sorted in boxes to design and create different airplanes like this colorful design and vehicle models from their own imagination and have a blast from creative hours.

5. K’NEX Marble Coaster Run set

This innovative set allows you to build a fully functional marble coaster from the ground up. With over 500 pieces and multiple template builds, this model kit is perfect for all skill levels from beginner to pro, aged from 8 and above! You’ll find different pieces in a box including 3 accordion tubes, a see-saw marble scoop, and a bank shot bounce pad. Follow instructions carefully and watch your creation come to life! Children can develop fine motor skills and learn about engineering and architecture with the K’NEX Marble Coaster Run with Motor building set.

6. K’NEX Lock

This K’NEX homemade locking mechanism is powered entirely by tension, and when closed, it’s impossible to open it with force unless you rip apart the lock itself, or bend the pieces enough so you can yank the shackle out.  It is opened by pressing the button on the side, as shown by a note in the intro picture. To assemble this little lock, you will need the following piece count:


White Eight-Prong: 2

Red Three-Prong: 18

Grey Two-Prong: 3

Orange Two-Prong: 7

Grey One-Prong: 11

Tan One-Prong w/ Extruding Bit: 4

Orange One-Prong w/ Extruding Bit: 1

Small Blue One-Prong: 3


Green: 23

White: 17

Blue: 3


Y-Rods: 6

See the full 5 step instructions, here.

7. KID K’NEX – Build A Bunch Set

Kids and beginner builders will create fun and friendly creatures like the one from the picture with soft, colorful, and chunky rods and connectors that easily stack, snap, and plug. Kid K’NEX Build a Bunch Set will inspire children to build friendly and fun creatures. With 66 chunky, colorful, and soft rods and connectors your child can create fun creations with wheels, eyes, and tails, including an airplane, a train, bugs, animals, and underwater creatures. Moreover, they can enjoy letting their creativity run free as they embark on a journey where their imagination takes over!

8. Easy K’NEX House

Make a simple house to place toys. Perfect for role-plaing and imaginary hours for little builders. To build this easy house model, first, ensure you collect all the necessary parts:


Red rods:12






Click on the link to build the simple house model.

9. Easy Fish design from K’NEX Beginner Building Set 10 Models

Discover under the sea world with this model from the building set! Start snapping together the color-coded rods and connectors to create the design, don’t hesitate to play with different colors and make a fish model out of K’NEX.

There are endless building possibilities with this kid’s building set. With the highly stimulating and 10-building ideas, color-coded rods, and connectors that snap together, this set is ideal for children aged 7 and above. It comes with 125 different pieces and encourages kids’ creativity and develops their skills. Build this and other truly amazing creations using the illustrated instruction booklet included.

10. The Storm 22 K’NEX Pistol

This is a pistol that comes with an optional sling for easy access and storage for knex wars and for fun. It features an internal hopper, true trigger, and comfy handle. Also, 6 shots with hopper, have easy access/storage, with 1 hand-able pickup.
To build your simple K’NEX gun, read on complete instructions here.

11. Ferris Wheel from K’NEX Imagine: 100 Model Building Set – 863 Pieces

Build 100 versatile and imaginary models from this big K’NEX set! K’NEX Imagine: 100 Model Building  set allows builders to run their imaginations free and go on a journey of endless creativity. The Imagine building set allows kids to create a multitude of shapes and exciting structures including trucks, airplanes, lighthouses, sea creatures, dinosaurs, and many more. Additionally, it comes with an easy-to-follow instructional booklet featuring illustrations, so that young builders won’t have a hard time while creating models.

It features classic, snap-fit rods and connectors that can be stuck together to form different shapes. The pieces are attached securely and can be easily reassembled into other creations.

Building this K’NEX ferris wheel stimulates the imagination and encourages cognitive skills in kids.

12. Bicycle from K’NEX Imagine: Click & Construct Value Set – 522 Pieces

Click & Construct Value boxed set stimulates your child’s imagination in a fun and engaging way.  One of the 35 different models kids can create, is this bicycle which is one of the great easy builds. To build this colorful design, young builders need to assemble classic and micro K’NEX parts and pieces that “click” together.

The included instruction booklet provides step-by-step and color-coded instructions on how to build your car. Building this model gives children the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

13. K’NEX Rod Sorting Machine

Whether a beginner or experienced builder, everybody needs K’NEX pieces sorter before starting building. That’s where this K’NEX rod sorter comes in handy. To build this model you will need the following pieces:


Yellow rods  – 35

Blue rods – 136

Green rods – 100

Total Rods: 271


White conns – 32

Green conns – 12

Red conns – 10

Dark grey – 94

Blue conns – 20

Purple conns – 84

Yellow conns – 37


Tan lock – 2

Grand Total:562Complete the sorter here.

14. Skier from K’NEX Imagine Builder Basics 35 Model Building Set

Have the adrenaline and thrilling ski experience with building K’NEX 35 Model Building Set.

The set comes with 480 K’NEX parts and pieces in a mix of classic and micro-sized parts. It includes rods and connectors that attach in different ways, allowing students to hone their artistic skills by coming up with a variety of shapes, figures, and models.

You can easily reassemble the snap-fit pieces into other creations using the snap-fit pieces. K’NEX lets builders create different models that actually move.

This building set allows students to make interactive toys and models like trucks, airplanes, helicopters, and auto parts such as wheels, wings, rotors, and tracks. Constructing their own buildings, amusement park rides, and bridges isn’t just a dream when you have this building set!

15. Cool Bridge Design from K’NEX Intro to Structures Bridges Set

Introduce your children to a variety of shapes and models of bridges with K’NEX Intro to Structures Bridges Set.

This set includes 207 classic pieces, including rods and connectors. They snap together securely and can be reassembled into other creations easily. Creating 13 replicas of real-life bridges one by one. In addition to building 13 replica bridges, kids can also build houses, towers, and buildings.

Enhance your learning experience! While playing, you can learn about infrastructure’ science, and art.

16. K’NEX Mini Bow and Arrow

Here is a simple mini arrow you can build at home using K’NEX parts and 1 rubber band. It’s fast, easy to assemble, and shoots a K’NEX projectile really fast. To create this crossbow, you will need to gather the basic pieces like: 8 green connectors

2 yellow connectors

8 orange connectors

4 white rods

8 blue rods

2 red rods

1 gray rod (the arrow)

1 gray spacer

1 light blue spacer1 rubberband.

Check out the full instructions and get ready for the battle.

17. Kid K’NEX – Zoo Friends Building Set

KID K’NEX Zoo Friends introduces children to the fascinating world of animals and imaginative play. Featuring 30 fun building ideas and 55 bright, colorful pieces and parts, this kit is perfect for children ages 3 and older. Starting with cats, birds, insects, and more, they can construct their own exciting zoo and K’NEX animals. Budding engineers will enjoy seeing the different animals come to life, like this little K’NEX insect buddy as they use their imaginations. While building the set, children will develop a wide range of skills, gain confidence, and feel accomplished.

18. K’NEX Buckyball

This K’NEX buckyball is fairly easy to get you started with and can be built in about 15 minutes.

For this project, you will need 150 pieces total.

– 60 full moon connectors

– 60 blue flexi rods

– 30 normal blue rods

See full instructions and build DIY buckyball in less time.

19. K’NEX Christmas Present Decoration

Meet festive season prepared with this easy-to build K’NEX present decoration! Taking only about five minutes to build, this will make any Christmas tree look a little more festive with a present sitting nicely below it!

Pieces you will need:

  • 16 white connectors
  • 9 blue connectors
  • 10 orange diagonal “Y” connectors
  • 16 white rods
  • 2 black caps
  • 40 green rods
  • 2 grey rods
  • 6 green bendy rods

    Take a look at full instructions.

20. Christmas Tree Topper

Another Christmas decoration from homemade K’NEX designs! Also you need to use these colors for it to look like a star.


White 8 slot connectors: 24

Blue 7 slot connectors: 2

Purple 4 slot connectors: 2

Red 3 slot connectors: 2

Orange 2 slot acute angle connectors: 16

Black y connectors: 4

Gray 1 slot connectors: 16


Yellow 5 inch rods: 40

White 1 inch rods: 16

Green 3/4 inch rods: 4

Follow the instructions here .

21. K’NEX Gee Bee (Airplane)

A short, stubby little plane, – The Gee Bee is one of the simple with appealing design we found on Instructables. It looked as though its wheels would never part from the ground. But the magnificent plane did all that and more, staking claim to more victories to any other plane of its time. Despite its accomplishments, it was a very dangerous airplane. For the record, no original Gee Bee remains today, they all crashed, killing any pilot that flew it. After the plans were found and a replica was made, the pilot shortly got lead poisoning from the exhaust leaking into the cabin. 

Here, this K’NEX homemade plane uses mostly normal pieces, but also a small handful of micro pieces for the struts and rear wheel. To assemble you will need all the pieces from the list below:

Rods: Green: 161, White: 83, Blue: 18, Flexible Orange: 4, Flexible Purple (blue-length): 2

Connectors: Purple (one-way) :10, Gray (two-way): 14, Orange: 19, Red: 20, Green: 15, Yellow: 45, White: 20, Blue slider: 22, Gray slider: 6 

Misc. Black and blue Hinge (2-pieces): 2, Ball-and-Socket joint: 1, Small Wheel (w/ tire): 2, Blue spacer: 26, Gray spacer: 9, Black Cap: 5, Y-clip: 14, Silver Clip: 2

Micro: Rods: Yellow: 10, Red: 4, Connectors: Green (one-way): 4, Purple (two-way): 10, Orange (two-way): 2, Black: 1, Adapters: Green Connector: 3, Red rod: 2

Build your very first airplane from the instructions .

22. Battery-powered swing ride from K’NEX Imagine Power and Play Motorized Building set

This K’NEX building set is a marvel of construction, engineering, and fun, with its ability to captivate builders as they engage in the exciting building world. With 529 pieces for kids aged 7 and above, this set makes the perfect classroom essential or gift and takes builders on a journey of endless possibilities and countless creations. Bring the thrill of a real-life amusement park with this swing ride to life and develop a bunch of skills in the process of building.

23. K’NEX Cyber-X C5 Neostrike

This is not your average blaster set but an exciting fusion of fun, thrill, and high-powered action. With its action-filled features, this toy will step up your building process and allow children to expand their knowledge and skills. 

Get ready for an adventure filled with thrills and excitement with this set. Children bursting with enthusiasm and energy will appreciate the C5 Neostrike.

24. K’NEX Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster

For a whirlwind of excitement and thrill, this model is a mesmerizing set designed to challenge builders with its intricate design. This building toy has thrilling turns and twists to resemble an actual roller coaster with exciting parts and features for ages 9+.  Featuring over 640 K’NEX parts and pieces, including rods, connectors, and track, this kit includes motorized power to send the coaster car spinning through 19 feet of swirling track.

25. K’NEX Jeep (K’NEX 70 Model Building Set – 705 Pieces)

Whether working in a group or independently, this set is great for nurturing a child’s imagination and teaching them the basics of mechanics. It’s perfect for stimulating your child’s mind and guiding them through the thrilling process of creating up to 70 models, including this K’NEX colorful jeep for future drivers. You can easily assemble 705 pieces for an engaging and creative experience with this building set. Children can develop a wide range of skills and expand their knowledge with this set for endless exploration.


Choose your favorite K’NEX design from our list and start a hands-on building experience. Depending on the skill level the process might be time-consuming from the start, but you will love it as you see your K’NEX creation coming to life!

Begin your exploration, imagination, and construction journey with K’NEX builds! By considering the age suitability, skill level required, and engagement, you can find the right K’NEX design for the most fun and effective experience.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our selection of 13 easy K’NEX ideas and projects to further your knowledge and skills with building toys. If you want to shop for sets, see our updated available set list.

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