How to make a K’NEX Gun with Instructions

K'NEX Gun CZ-75

Ever dreamt about building a working replica of a gun with K’NEX? If you not only dreamt but tried it, well, you must know how it gets… K’NEX guns aren’t only fun to build but also to shoot.

Building a gun out of K’NEX can be an enjoyable and creative activity for kids and adults alike. That comes as no surprise as the experience brings adrenaline and promises hours of fun. 

In this article we’ll let you know how to build your fist K’NEX gun that is safe to use.


Welcome to the exciting world of K’NEX guns for building and blasting away!

K’NEX is one of the most famous constructive toy brands on the market that excites building toy enthusiasts. You can build just about anything you want, possibilities are endless. The K’NEX plastic pieces can be used to construct all kinds of contraptions, such as trucks, boats, planes, roller coasters, robots, and weapons. Aside from that, K’NEX offers a collection of building toy blasters. Cyber-X is a collection, the perfect blend between construction and dart blasters with innovative designs that provide hours of fun and they are recommended for children over 8 years old. With different builds available, multiple pieces, and foam darts, these sets make a great gift for children seeking action and adventure.

But, nothing beats your very own building experience, right? Besides ever-evolving collections, K’NEX lets you create replicas from actual guns or create your own customized firearm! And this is a real explosive mix of creativity and a lot of fun! Purchasing every necessary part of building firearms is a fantastic way for your own enjoyment or a gift for kids. You can rest assured that all K’NEX guns are completely safe for children. Materials used in these products are non-toxic and durable.


What Kind of K’NEX Guns can I make?

There are a variety of different K’NEX weapons ranging from simple to complex and functional firearms that shoot quickly with surprising accuracy. You can make all sorts of guns including rubber band guns, turrented models, bolt actions, semi-automatics, K’NEX M4A1, firearms with magazines, and many more! You can create a variety of pistols, rifles, revolvers, and futuristic blasters using snap-fit connectors and flexible rods. For what it’s worth, you can shoot rubber bands or springs to send K’NEX projectiles flying through the air or send rods flying through the air. To make your designs more realistic, add reloading mechanisms, triggers, barrels, and barrels that move. Builders of all ages will find something enjoyable. This versatile set of construction toys gives room for exciting creation and lets you design, build, and blast away.


Why should I build a K’NEX Gun?

There has never been a better time to play with toy guns. With K’NEX guns, you can learn valuable skills, boost your creativity, make connections with other enthusiasts, and unleash your inner engineer. Benefits that come with K’NEX gun builds include:

  • Educative Value: K’NEX guns teach you engineering principles, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It’s a great way to show off your creativity and building skills.
  • Hands-on learning: K’NEX guns provide a hands-on learning experience. As you refine your designs, you’ll see your designs come to life, encouraging experimentation and improvement.
  • Collaboration: Get to know your fellow K’NEX gun enthusiasts through online communities or local groups. You can share your designs, exchange ideas, and build camaraderie with other builders.
  • Safety: Providing a safer alternative to traditional toy firearms, K’NEX guns are a great way to play safely and responsibly. The toys are constructed from plastic components, so they offer a thrilling play experience without compromising safety. Play responsibly and follow safety guidelines at all times.


So have fun, play safely and responsibly, let your imagination run wild, and create unforgettable playtime adventures. Next, we’ll narrow down some general steps to follow to make your building experience easier. They can be applied to most K’NEX guns if not all. Enjoy the thrill of building and blasting like never before with Knex guns!

7 steps to create a basic yet functional K’NEX Gun:

  1. Gather the necessary K’NEX components: You will need K’NEX pieces to build the gun. Make sure you have all the necessary pieces and avoid losing them before starting. You will need a combination of various K’NEX elements such as a barrel, trigger mechanism, ammunition, and grip. You can find these components in K’NEX building sets specifically designed for weaponry or create your own by attaching multiple K’NEX elements together.
  2. Assemble the trigger mechanism: The trigger mechanism is crucial in firing the K’NEX gun. To create the trigger mechanism, you can use a K’NEX bendable joint that has been pre-threaded with a K’NEX thread. Connect the trigger mechanism to the ammunition using a K’NEX coupling.
  3. Build the ammunition: K’NEX pellets or round pieces can be used as ammunition for your gun. Ensure that the ammunition is of a size that can fit comfortably in the barrel and that it has sufficient mass to provide the desired “firepower” when launched.
  4. Design the barrel: The barrel is an essential component of the K’NEX gun as it houses the ammunition and facilitates its launch. You can use a K’NEX hollow piece with a cylindrical hole to create the barrel. The barrel’s length should be proportional to the desired range of your gun.
  5. Attach the grip: The grip serves as a point of leverage when firing the K’NEX gun. To create the grip, you can use a K’NEX connector or a hollow piece that has been pre-threaded with a K’NEX thread. Secure the grip to the trigger mechanism using a K’NEX coupling.
  6. Assembly: Once all the components are assembled, attach the grip and barrel using K’NEX couplings and secure the trigger mechanism to the grip.
  7. Test your model: Once the gun is built, finally, place the ammunition in the barrel and you’re ready to fire your K’NEX gun! Test it to make sure it works properly. Be careful when testing the gun and follow all safety precautions.

Regardless of your experience with K’NEX toys, skills or age, there’s something for everyone! If you are not sure where to start, follow our building instruction manuals. There are complete parts lists and assembly instructions for some of the simplest gun models to build that work. We’ve listed two of them below.

Easy K’NEX Gun (with instructions)

We’ve found this one on instructables.
As a starting point, begin with this Easy-to-build Small Knex Gun. With the right elastic bands, this KNEX creation can be very powerful.

Easy K'NEX Gun

Step 1: Making the Barrel

Easy K'NEX Gun Step 1

To make the barrel, from out of all pieces, start by putting 11 white connectors between 2 gray rods as in the picture displays. Then, loop an orange connector onto a grey rod like so (this is the trigger).
Now, like before, put another 5 white connectors between the gray rods after the orange connector. Then, put 11 yellow connectors. As a last step, put a small green rod on the end yellow connector (this is the sight).


Step 2: Making the Pin

Once you have a barrel on hand, connect a yellow connector to a gray rod as it shows in the picture. Next, the connection must be taped like this. If not, when you shoot, the rod will also come out.


Step 3: Making the Handel

Easy K'NEX Gun Step 3

To make the proper handle for your small gun, you need 2 yellow rods. Attach 2 red connectors onto the yellow rods and then attach them together with a green rod. Repeat again but the other way around. Fill up the space until it’s full.


Step 4: Assembling

Easy K'NEX Gun Step 4

As shown, attach the handle to the barrel using the yellow rods. Then, put the pin down the barrel.


Step 5: Applying the Elastic Bands

First, take a big, thick elastic band; Attach it to the pin in the picture, then stretch it along the barrel and rest at the end as shown. Take a smaller elastic band. Attach it to the pin the other way around from the thick one and stretch along the barrel. As shown in the picture, rest at the end of the white connectors.


Step 6: Loading and Firing

Now that you have assembled all components and have a gun on hand, it’s time to action! Pull the pin back so it passes the trigger, and move the trigger so that it stops the pin from shooting. Then, put a white rod down the barrel and push the trigger down to shoot.


K’NEX CZ75 Gun with Instructions

If you’re familiar with simple gun construction or just started building the one above, now it’s time to switch to a bit more difficult motor and imaginary task. Give a life of the legendary CZ75 in a replica! With a standard 12 rd. magazine and variants that allow full auto capabilities as well as 26 rd. magazines, this was an advanced handgun from 1975.


Step 1. Collect pieces altogether

K'NEX Gun CZ-75 Step 1

Before going to the actual building process, start with collecting all the necessary pieces together. K’NEX CZ75 model requires 255 parts in total. As shown in the first picture, your weapon needs the following pieces:

  • Green Rods – 79
  • White Rods – 16
  • Blue Rods – 2
  • Green Connectors – 2
  • White Connectors – 12
  • Yellow Connectors – 27
  • Red Connectors – 4
  • Light Grey Connectors – 5
  • Dark Grey Connectors – 9
  • Orange Connectors – 18
  • Tan Connectors – 2
  • Tan Connector (with the little tab cut off) – 3
  • Y Shaped Black Connectors – 36
  • Blue 52mm Flexy Rod – 1
  • Orange 86mm Flexy Rod – 1
  • Yellow Connector (cut, see step 2) – 3
  • Red Connector (cut, see step 2) – 2
  • Red Connector (cut, see step 2) – 2
  • Red Connector (cut, see step 3) – 2
  • Orange Connector (cut, see step 3) – 1
  • 1.9cm cut Rods – 8
  • 3.1cm cut Rods – 15
  • Blue Spacers – 6


Step 2: Barrel & Trigger

Step 3: Handle & Magazine Well

Step 4: Magazine

K'NEX Gun CZ-75 Step 4 1

Step 5: Result

Now you’ve a beautiful CZ-75 K’NEX Gun!

K'NEX Gun CZ-75

Are there any available K’NEX Guns I can buy?

You can find K’NEX Cyber-X sets from the Cyber-X Collection available on Amazon. This is a great alternative to K’NEX guns and offers an easy out-of-the-box solution. Cyber-X consists of safe foam darts, exciting features, parts and pieces. With this dart blaster collection, you’ll have ultimate control of the battlefield while designing, constructing, and customizing your blaster!


Last but not least, K’NEX comprehensive gun options let you design and build your own toy firearms. Whether you’re after bettering your building skills, gifting DIYs, or wanting your kid to learn about toy gun-build secret sauces, you’ll find everything you need here.

Collect all the pieces, follow the instructions, and immerse yourself in endless creative activities. Practice creates mastery, so don’t get discouraged if the final result takes some time. In the end, you will make a toy gun you can be proud of!

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