A List of all K’NEX World Records

K'NEX World Records

Once you pick up the K’NEX building set and start experimenting, you can only feel the true sense of the brand philosophy that comes into shape. Anything from vehicles, airplanes, world attractions, thrill rides, weapons, and more to count, – only limits your imagination. What makes K’NEX sets special is the construction system, particularly its flexibility. Rods they use have a good amount of flex before breaking, so you can make impressive builds that truly stand out. Also, the K’NEX system enables the building of more massive structures and mechanical devices among other alternative brands.


In previous articles, you’ve already seen difficult K’NEX homemade projects that show unlimited creativity and imagination. They all stretch your skills as a master builder with their many contained pieces and time-consuming construction. Taking on this project will test your building skills to the fullest extent possible. 

But what happens when a K’NEX enthusiast breaks a world record? In other words, a Guinness world record holder becomes an expert in K’NEX. It offers a variety of unique opportunities as well as marks the spot in the world of construction toys. So, in this article, we’ll remind you of all K’NEX world records showcasing the creativity and engineering skills of record holders. Each building is epic in scale and complexity.


Check out some of the coolest and biggest K’NEX creations that knock the socks off:

Guinness world record: Largest K’NEX ball contraption

Guinness world record: Largest K'NEX ball contraption

The world’s largest K’NEX ball contraption, certified by Guinness World Records, was built by Austin Granger from the USA. This impressive achievement consisted of 126,285 pieces and was officially demonstrated in Saint Anthony, Minnesota, USA, on 13 March 2016. The track for this contraption had a total length of 278 meters (918 feet). The ball contraptions consist of plastic balls looping on tracks, spiraling through ramps, rattling down chutes, and riding up elevators. Austin Granger (USA), is a computer science graduate who’s been building K’NEX toys since he was five years old. 

Largest K’NEX sculpture record holder

Largest K'NEX sculpture record holder

The largest K’NEX sculpture ever built is a replica of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, measuring 3.87 meters (12 feet 8.3 inches) high, 2.44 meters (8 feet) wide, and 13.38 meters (43 feet 10.7 inches) long. This impressive sculpture was achieved by the BLOODHOUND SSC RBLI K’NEX Build Team in the United Kingdom in 2014. It consists of 350,000 K’NEX pieces and requires 1,280 hours of assembly time. Its dimensions exceed the current world record for the largest sculpture – the US Space & Rocket Centre’s T-Rex structure in Huntsville, Alabama.

This is an exact replica of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car.


Guinness world record for the Largest K’NEX motorized tank

Guinness world record for the Largest K'NEX motorized tank

The largest motorised K’NEX vehicle was built by William Rose (UK) on 19 September 2020 in Great Dunmow, Essex, UK.


William loves K’NEX and sets himself the challenge of building a large vehicle out of only K’NEX resembling a World War 1 Mark 1 tank. He created the largest moving vehicle without the use of glue or steel rods in his record attempt.


He hopes completing the project will help him get into college. Over 20 K’NEX motor power the tank and is capable of traveling over 5 metres (16 feet).



World record-breaking K’NEX Ball machine displays 115,000+ pieces and is located at The Works Museum in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.

The second largest K’NEX sculpture ever built is a T-Rex made from 160,000 K’NEX pieces, standing over 12 ft tall. This impressive creation was completed in August 2012 in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

You can view the image at the end of this article.

This 6-Foot Ferris Wheel is both the largest in piece count and height of any K’NEX building set ever made. It’s powered by a motor that gives life to the K’NEX pieces.

K’NEX sets for adults are not only a fun and engaging activity, but they also improve fine motor skills, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, STEM education value, creativity, patience, and determination, as well as enhance engineering abilities.

Second Largest K'NEX Build

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