5 Cool Things to Build with K’NEX

5 cool things to build with K'NEX

With hundreds of pieces and a unique rod and connector system, K’NEX has much to offer. So, let your imagination run wild and create anything you can think of because, in this article, you will see 5 cool things to build with the K’NEX to get inspired and expand your building skills!

If you have just begun the building journey, are an aspiring architect, or want to nurture your kid’s imagination and learning development, – it’s time to gather all the pile of pieces you have at home and try out some of the coolest designs we’ve selected below.

Explore 5 cool things to build with K’NEX at home

K’NEX’s been around for four decades now and has built building toys specially designed for every age enthusiast and skill level. K’NEX building system allows you to create a variety of structures and motorized models, designs with flexi rods, panels, gears, thrill rides, vehicles, bridges, towers, buildings, and more.

There are tons of amazing DIY K’NEX models from simple to complex structures that K’NEX enthusiasts created. The other day, we displayed some other cool K’NEX build DIY projects, the simple and most difficult K’NEX designs that ever hit the internet. But, today, you will find different structures ranging from a massive ball machine, plane, and gun with a trigger mechanism to a fun K’NEX stool.

Expand your options of fun home activities, check out the list, and enjoy building similar to the parts you already own or would want to shop for more. So, let’s get started:

1. K’NEX Ball Machine – Metropolis

‘Metropolis’ happens to be one of the biggest and most complicated ball machines that has ever been created on Instructables. It has a total of 12 different paths and 16 small side paths. Due to its complex structure, that ball machine needs 29.873 pieces.

The ball machine ‘Metropolis’ dimensions are: Width – 1.40 m, depth – 1.15 m, height – 2.40 m, and weight of 48 kg.

You can watch the video below:

Take your time, get ready, and build a working ball machine. Click on step-by-step full instructions.

2. K’NEX Biplane 

Buckle up and prepare for your next journey with this very exciting K’NEX biplane model. K’NEX biplane requires a total number of 875 pieces to build. 

Collect all the necessary parts as follows:

  • Green Rods – 183
  • White Rods – 167
  • Blue Rods – 44
  • Yellow Rods – 15
  • Red Rods – 4
  • Green Connectors – 20
  • White Connectors – 33
  • Blue Connectors – 18
  • Yellow Connectors – 55
  • Red Connectors – 97
  • Purple Connectors – 48
  • Light Grey Connectors – 26
  • Dark Grey Connectors – 54
  • Orange Connectors – 47
  • Tan Connectors – 10
  • Tan Connectors (with the little tab cut off) – 1
  • 5.9cm cut Rods – 2
  • Wheel Hub Small – 6
  • Wheel Tyre Small – 6
  • Blue Spacers – 39

To make the building process easier, the creator made some notes throughout instructions.

3. K’NEX gun – The Storm 223 V1.3

The Storm 223 V1.3 gun features two trigger mechanisms on the same handle, one for the grenade launcher and one for the main gun. The grenade launcher will make the grenades explode when firing 1/6 times, and the grenade mag jams a bit. 

To build this homemade K’NEX gun model, here is the parts list you will need:


  • Green connectors – 14
  • Light gray connectors – 7
  • Blue sphere connectors – 34
  • Purple connectors – 23
  • Red connectors – 23
  • Snow flakes – 45
  • Orange connectors – 74
  • Yellow connectors – 72
  • Gray connectors – 45


  • 5 red rods + 1 tan
  • Yellow rods – 12
  • Blue rods – 56
  • White rods – 104
  • Green rods – 240


  • Triangle – 2 
  • Hole panels – 3 
  • Y connectors – 26 
  • Blue clips – 5 
  • Tan clips – 22 
  • Blue spacers – 14 

Read on full instructions to complete The Storm 223 V1.3 gun 

4. K’NEX stool

If you love to experiment with K’NEX to build something practical to use on a daily basis, here is the idea of a K’NEX stool with tires. The stool is to sit but not stand on, is 15″ high, 15 1/2″ wide at the base, and 12 1/2″ wide at the top. It can support up to 200lb.

To assemble completely, the stool needs the following parts:

  •  grey connectors – 56
  •  light grey connectors – 28
  •  red connectors – 72
  •  green connectors – 40
  •  yellow connectors – 20
  •  white connectors – 35
  •  orange connectors – 28
  •  purple connectors – 173
  •  blue connectors – 25
  •  green rods – 180
  •  white rods – 209
  •  blue rods – 152
  •  yellow rods 84
  •  blue clip – 4
  •  Y-clip – 68
  •  blue spacer – 36
  •  silver spacer – 9
  •  medium tires – 8
  •  black hinge hinge half – 2
  •  hinges or ball and sockets – 8

Follow step-by-step instructions to fulfill your K’NEX DIY model.

5. K’NEX Cable Car

In addition to their practicality and scenic charm, cable cars are a very fun ride, and it is a quick way up the hill. 

Build the one out of K’NEX. That K’NEX cable car that rides on a long piece of chain.

Get the complete instructions here, and test your cable car by turning the handle, which will take the car to the top of the tower.

Dive into K’NEX with endless building possibility

Build 5 cool things with K’NEX and experiment with different creatures, shapes, and lengths of pieces. The ideas up there should help you get inspired to try out your next K’NEX project at home. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your building skills, find the perfect birthday gift for your child, or want to find a great way for a fun home activity –  from our list, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Aside from that, you can always use your imagination and creativity to build your designs using parts you already have at home.

Building with K’NEX engages in a creative and interactive construction experience that offers a wide range of benefits. K’NEX construction toys provide a hands-on building experience that goes beyond traditional blocks by incorporating motion and functionality into creations through specialized parts like gears, wheels, and pulleys. Moreover, building with K’NEX promotes creativity, and some important skills like developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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